Diane Turnshek is a researcher at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. She has been on the board of directors for both the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and Parsec, Pittsburgh’s premier science fiction organization. For nine years, she mentored graduate students at Seton Hill’s MFA Writing Popular Fiction program. She is the founder of Write or Die, a critique group started in 1996, Alpha, a residency teen writing workshop held since 2002, and the Triangulation anthology series, editing the first one in 2003. With Chloe Nightingale, she edited Triangulation: Dark Skies (2019), with Isaac E. Payne Triangulation: Extinction (2020) and with John Thompson and Herb Kauderer Triangulation: Habitats (2021). Organizing over 300 author signings, coordinating writing workshops and a lecture series, working on the programming committee for both local and world science fiction conventions and running SFWA’s 2006 Nebula Awards Weekend makes her a facilitator of genre writing as well as an author and editor.


Amazon Author 

Founder of:

2014 CMU/Parsec Partners in Speculative Fiction Lecture Series and writing workshops

2003 Parsec Ink, Triangulation Anthology Series

2002 Alpha, the SF/F/H Workshop for Young Writers

1996 Write or Die (WorD) writing and critique group


Anthology Series:

  • Triangulation by Parsec Ink publishing
    • Triangulation 2003: A Confluence of Speculative Fiction (2003)
    • Triangulation: Dark Skies (2019) with Chloe Nightingale
    • Triangulation: Extinction (2020) with Isaac E. Payne
    • Triangulation: Habitats (2021) with John Thompson

Short Fiction

  • Dancing in the Light (Novelette)
    Analog Science Fiction and Fact (December 1999)
  • Extreme Geas
    Six From Parsec: the Parsec Fantasy Anthology, edited by James J. Walton, A Mean-Spirited Scoundrel Publishing (January 1, 2000)
  • Hullabaloo 
    Analog Science Fiction and Fact
    (July-August 2000)
    Reprinted in Drabblecast 276 (March 19, 2013)
  • The Queen of Self-Help 
    Challenging Destiny Number 11
    (December 2000)
    Reprinted in the Hazard Yet Forward anthology edited by Natalie Duvall, Matt Duvall and Deanna Lepsch, Evergreen Syndicate (December 5, 2012)
  • Vegan
    Triangulation: Parch anthology,
    Parsec Ink (2014)
  • First Contact: Moms Rule
    Analog Science Fiction and Fact: Probability Zero (April 2014)


  • Asteroid Zoup
    Liquid Imagination
    (May 2013)
  • Alien Pygmalion
    Rough Beasts anthology
    Lone Wolf Publications
    (August 2001)

Non Fiction


Parsec Ink editor / Co-editor

Triangulation (2003): a Confluence of Speculative Fiction

Triangulation: Dark Skies (2019)
Co-editor with Chloe Nightingale

Triangulation: Extinction (2020)
Co-editor with Isaac Payne

Triangulation: Habitats (2021)
Co-editor with John Thompson and Herb Kauderer

Science fiction, fantasy, horror anthology, sponsored by Parsec Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization